Mother's day lunch in Helsinki 8.5.2022

Delicious Mother 's Day Lunch 54 € / adult

Sunday 8.5. Bistro ELO celebrates Mother's Day with the whole family. For lunch, there is a menu full of Nordic flavors and the best ingredients of the season.

Seats are limited, so you should book lunch in advance online!


Delicious Mother’s Day lunch at Bistro ELO in Helsinki

On this Mother’s Day, the family will be pampered at Bistro ELO’s Mother’s Day Lunch! There is a Nordic menu of seasonal ingredients and carefully selected cakes. The list is sure to include pleasant options for children as well – so grab the whole family to enjoy the party at Bistro ELO!

Mother’s Day buffet 54 € / person

  • Roasted carrots, belgian lentils and spinach V, G
  • Cauliflower, pomegranate and lemon V, G
  • Salad of roasted potatoes and marinated red onion V, G
  • Apples, feta cheese and cabbage L, G
  • Smoked salmon and grilled Gem salad M, G
  • Beef pastrami, truffle mayonnaise and arugula M, G
  • Shrimp-Caesar salad and Västerbotten cheese L, G
  • Green salad and light vinaigrette V, G
  • Bread selection and spreads L
  • Braised char and beurre Blanc sauce (L, G)
  • Whole grilled beef tenderloin and red wine sauce (L, G)
  • New potatoes and spring vegetables (V, G)
  • Vegetable / vegan available upon request


  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (PH7) (G, VL)
  • Macarons (L, G) Chocolate Chocolates (L, G)

V = vegan, G = gluten free, L = lactose free, M = milk free

Prices: € 54 / adult, children (4-12 years) € 2 / per year

The first table setting at ELO from 12.30 to 14.30 and the second table setting at 15-17.

Additional inquiries and reservations

Reservations and additional inquiries directly to the restaurant: 010 340 4004 /