May Day (Vappu)

May Day Take Away Brunch 39 €

Our delicious & sunny May Day take away brunch is here! This brunch box has everything you need for your picnic.

The brunch box has to be reserved in advance by April 27. Price 39 €.


May Day Take Away Brunch 39 € is available with pre-order until April 27.

Brunch box pickup on April 30. and May 1.

Price 39 €/person, minimum order is brunch for 2 people.

May Day Brunch | Restaurant Helsinki

We prepare brunch boxes on pre-orders. The binding order must be made by April 27.

Price 39 €/person, minimum order is brunch for 2 people.

Orders via email or phone:  / 010 340 4004

Pickup time to be agreed upon when making the order:
Friday April 30. at 12-17
Saturday May 1. at 9-12

Brunch menu 39 €

  • Crayfish Skagen and malt crumble (M)
  • Early potato salad and cold smoked reindeer (M,G)
  • Moose pâté and cranberry (L)
  • Asparagus pie with cheese (L,G)
  • Asparagus salad and gravwhitefish with lemon (M,G)
  • Waldemar & Metsuri smallholder’s cheese, seed crisp bread and jam (G)
  • ELO focaccia and fermented pumpkin sesame paste (L)
  • Yoghurt mousse, rhubarb and strawberries (L,G)
  •  Glazed May Day doughnut (Vappumunkki)

M=Dairy-free, L=Lactose-free, G=Gluten-free

No changes can be made to the bruch boxes unfortunately and we can’t offer options for special diets.

Happy May Day!