Lounge & Bar SUO

Come enjoy our cool cocktails, mocktails and low alcohol cocktails as well as high-quality European wines. The SUO cocktails are handcrafted from carefully chosen raw ingredients, because the best tastes are created with true expertise.  Our selection also includes tasty little finger foods to enjoy as the evening gets dark.


Lounge & Bar SUO open again!
Fri-Sat 17-24


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The SUO Crew

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House champagne Black Label Lanson 60€/bottle
SUO Spritz  10€/bottle
Happy hour wine 30€/bottle
Tap drink of the week -1€

Handcrafted Treats

Discover our menu’s diverse and vibrant tastes that keep you entertained to the wee hours.

The purées and syrups in SUO cocktails are made in our own kitchen, with a keen eye on reducing waste, and the tasty raw ingredients are chosen with sustainability in mind. The sour taste in your cocktail might be coming from apples instead of the usual citrus fruits. The alcoholic cocktails are based on non-alcoholic distillments and are perfect for adult taste palettes too.

Each cocktail is made with an artisans expertise. Ask about your drink from our bartenders!